Why We Rescue - Before and After

Buddy - Before

In July 2016, Buddy and 11 other mini horses were taken from their neglectful owners.  

Buddy - After

After 6 months of care from the SPCA, Buddy was released for adoption.  And here he lives, happily ever after!

Hersey and Luna

Named in honor of an ancestor who died in the Civil War - Hersey came from Cranbury Auction and was in the Kill Pen with Luna (Hip number 052 and 053)  Luna was named after her color and the full moon we had on the night we planned to take her in, and although they were not herd mates prior, they were going down the same path in 2016 and became herd mates in their happily ever after home.  


A stunning ex-stallion, Hersey is a lovebug and knows his manners.  We are thrilled to have him here!


Scared to death, Luna came to us kicking - literally.  We cleaned hooves and fed her on her terms and sometimes by force - and that was never easy.  But eventually, and even now, she lets down her guard and is a loving girl - still not "well" enough to be trusted with children, but she's coming along.

Ultra - Surprise!

And inside Luna's belly was this little seed of a horse.  Saved from slaughter along with her mother - is Moonpie when she was just a tiny little foal fetus of 130 days.