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Mini Farm and Loving It!

 Our Goats meander over our land, field, forest, and dine on the grasses, leaves and brambles that have accumulated. They’re happy for the opportunity to munch and we are happy with the cleared land they provide.  


Rescue Mini-Horses

Our farm is big enough to provide a loving home for both our goats and a small herd of slaughter bound mini horses.  And we also foster/adopt mini-mares in foal to give them a home where they can foal safely and securely without fear.  So far we have 3 rescued geldings and 3 mares - one which was born on the farm and one mare in foal and about to foal ANY day.  These foals would never had a chance if the mares weren't pulled from the slaughter pen.


Coming Soon! Outdoor Arena

 Our mini-horses need a job.  So as of July 2018, we are in the midst of making an outdoor arena for mini-horse training along with driving clinics and agility courses.  Of course, this farm NEEDS to have Mini-Horse shows to boot so stay tuned if you have a mini that's just a pasture pet and you want to give them the opportunity for something more!  Clinics and shows for Minis WILL BE COMING!

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Wethering Heights Farm

Candia, New Hampshire

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Check out this great video of Moonpie's birth at Wethering Heights Farm. May 11, 2017 at 11:45 PM