Meet Our Mini-Horses


Rescued from Moore's Auction, Kill Pen #10 in September 2016, and although we don't know his past, Hersey was well loved at one time.  A perfect gentle horse gelding who knows how to drive and allows little ones to sit on his back.   He's been struggling with weight issues since he's gotten here but every now and then he gets his favorite treat - a peppermint!  A little rusty on driving, we have had our trainer here getting him ready to drive once again.  


Rescued in September 2016 with Hersey at Moore's Auction Kill Pen #10, we believe Luna has been VERY mistreated in the past.  When she got here she was genuinely afraid of humans.  She would shiver and shake in terror and kick if we got too close.  But with time, over two years so far, she is showing much improvement and has accepted us into her herd.  Luna was 130 days pregnant when she got here, so she had a safe landing and a safe place to foal.  The results of this are amazing.  Although she is a challenge, we wouldn't change a thing!


Rescued in December 2016, at age 1 1/2, Buddy comes from a neglected and Malnourished herd of 12.  Known as a Dwarf Mini, he stands at 27 inches tall at the age of about 3 years old.  So he'll never get any bigger.  He loves agility and will be trained in the agility course as soon as the arena is ready.  This friendly little guy loves playing with his herdmates to the point of being the "little brother" that everyone runs from.  But he's good to his human family and is learning good manners so he can become a therapy horse.  


Born here on the farm on May 11, 2017 Moonpie is a yearling.   This stunning little filly is so trusting and friendly and has never had to know what fear is - unlike her mother, Luna.  Moonpie is quite comical and loves to play, explore and is learning her manners this year.   She is very eager to please and picks up new lessons easily.   She'll be taught to drive when she's old enough and will also run agility at the shows.

Little Boy Blue

Blue was just recently rescued by Hidden Pond Horse Rescue when he was at Moore's Kill Pen;  and on June 1st 2018, we adopted him through Hidden Pond Equine Rescue after they had him for one day.  I knew Blue would be "some horse".  At 8 months old, we are dumbfounded as to why ANYONE would take this horse to a slaughter auction but there he was and here he is now - happily ever after, adding weight, height and muscle and the most mischievous mini-horse I have ever known, adding hours of smiles to our days.  This little man loves to flip his bowl out of his stall when he's done eating his grain, he loves to lead himself out to the paddock, holding the rope lead in his mouth.  He loves to hang on to his brother, Buddy's halter, during outdoor play.  We are so glad he's with us!    Here he is, with his mane up in bands to keep cool on a hot summer evening.


Callie is also a rescue that we adopted from Hidden Pond on the same day as we got Blue.  Callie was at Moore's Kill Pen as well, only she got out of her hell three weeks earlier.  She used to look sullen and depressed but now, she's got her head up high and seems to be enjoying her new surroundings.  She is in foal and due to foal out very soon.  We've had her since June 1st and she is getting to know the herd well, but I tend to keep her away from them when they are at their most active during the day so she won't get hurt.  She has very little muscle left in her hind quarters though we are building it up again with frequent walks and good nutrition.  Her front teeth are all but gone, due to either cribbing or gnawing on roots and trees for sustenance.  She does have her bottom teeth, which helps her pick out the hay she eats.   Due to lack of upper teeth, we can only "figure" her age at about 25 and she WAS eating for two and now nursing so she gets free choice of the best hay free choice and has special grain twice a day.


Born May 11, 2017

Moonpie was born to Luna on May 11, 2017 here at the farm.  Another rescue mare in-foal, Luna was 100 days +/- 30 days when we pulled her out of the slaughter pen.  7 1/2 months later, here is the result of our constant love and care.  Moonpie was a big girl.  24" tall and weighing 30 pounds.  

Moonpie's New Halter

This couldn't be any more precious, could it?  Moonpie took very well to her new halter.  Although it was too big - and is now being used for Miss Lily, Moonpie grew out of this halter is a few months.  She is Picture Perfect in every way!

2 Months Old - and Loving Life

Who wouldn't love life looking like this?  And to think she would not have been here if her Mom, Luna, wasn't pulled from a Slaughter pen.

Growing Up Fast

4 months and growing up fast.  This is about the time when we realized Moonpie would be much taller than her Mom and she most likely was one half Mini Horse and one half Shetland Pony. 

Moonpie at 6 Months Old

November 2017 brought many seasonal changes, including Moonpie's first taste of really cold weather, but with a coat like she had, she never even knew the difference!  Isn't she beautiful?

Happy 1st Birthday, Moonpie!

Looking out her window, in her much taller stall then the others, Moonpie turns 1 year and it looks like she's reflecting on her past year, doesn't it?  At one year, Moonpie stands 39 inches tall to her withers and weights about 350 lbs.  She is learning her manners now, and is such a great student!  Happy Birthday Moonpie - May life always be as good as it was for you in your first year!

Our Newest Member - Meet Lily


Lily was born on the farm on September 6, 2018 at 1:57 in the morning.  She came into this world hiccuping, wet, and beautiful.  Mom was a pro and there were minimal complications.  She stood 21 inches tall and weighed 24.9 pounds.  She is perfect!   We are ecstatic to have her join our herd!  In this picture, she is about 2 hours old.

5 Days Old

Lily is learning to jump and play outside.  She is meeting new barnyard friends through a safety fence.  All areas she is accessible to is baby proofed.  She licks and tastes everything she sees.

First Day With Her Halter

It's never to early to teach a horse and with halters, it's no acception.  Lily learns to tolerate her hand-me-down-from-Moonpie halter.  She's not pleased, but she isn't she a cutie pie?

Pretending To Eat

At 2 days old, Lily pretends to eat like Momma.  She will pick up the hay with her mouth, nibble on it and then spit it out.  Lily has no teeth, so she can't eat hay, and Momma's milk is much better for her right now anyway.

Proud and Happy Momma

By the looks of this, Callie is a happy and proud Momma!  Only one day old here, Lily is walking, bucking and kicking.  And Callie shows just how proud she is of her new baby girl!

What's Next For Lily?

Lily will live her days here at the farm. She will most likely be weaned from Mom in February, but right now, we are training her to be okay with us touching her all over.  We touch her belly, we scratch her mane, (She likes that!) we touch her feet, her ears, her tail and her face.  And when she remains calm and we ended on a "good note",  she was released to Mom to nurse.