Our Goat Herd

Manny - Full Lamancha

Manny is both very gentle and the Ultimate Houdini.  He's the one that can unlatch the front of the goat house and get into the hay stored there.  He loves to be scratched but don't touch the top of his head or he will walk away.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Twin Nubian brothers, they came to our farm at 3 weeks old.  Being bottlefed they became very tame.  At about 200 lbs, Bullwinkle is my most handsome goat but he's also the alpha male so watch your back when he's around!

Wallace (a.k.a. Wally)

Wallace and his Twin Grommit came to the farm the same time Rocky and Bullwinkle did.  They were 6 weeks old Lamanchas.  Unfortunately Grommit died of Urinary Calculi at the age of 13 months so Wally was left without his twin.  Wally is my most quiet and my most gentle goat.  He has protected me from Bullwinkle's attitude more than once. 

Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale are the youngest of my herd.  Twin LaMancha - Sanaan  mix they were about 4 days old when they moved to the farm in March 2016.  Both smaller than the rest of the herd, they aren't afraid of a good head butting challenge from the others, but are very gentle to people.


Shaggy is named for the Shaggy beard he has.  A Rescued Lamancha, Shaggy knew how to give the hardest head butts that any of my other goats knew.  Because he was malnourished, he was smaller than average, but he is very gentle and loves a good scratch and time spent munching on overgrowth.  He's happy now, and we're happy to have him here.

Their Home

Built by us in 2015, this is the home they have lived in since.  Comfy and dry during the worst storm - these goats are living the life!