So Your Thinking of Getting A Goat

What You Need To Know


So you're looking for a quiet and ecology-friendly way to manage overgrown or invasive foliage? We'vce learned a lot about goats over the years.  Here's what we found out and some things you need to know about Goats:

1)  Goats are herd animals.  You need more than one or you need to place them with a buddy.  They do best when they are within a herd of their own.

2) Hoof care is essential.  Like a horse, goats need hoof trimming every 4 to 6 weeks.

3)  Goats DON'T need grain but make sure the browse and hay you give them free choice are of good quality.  They also don't need free choice baking soda.  If you feed your goats correctly, their rumens produce their own baking soda like substance to help prevent bloat.  Adding baking soda to their diets actually helps CREATE urinary Calculi.

4) Goats need mineral salts with copper.  Sheep can not eat this so be aware if you have sheep.  Goats need more copper which can cause poisoning in sheep or horses.  You can get it in a block or loose.  Either way, offer it free choice. 

5)  Goats are like perpetual 3 year old humans.  They are constantly getting into things they shouldn't.  Keep their pens and paddocks safe for them.  Ours are each Houdini with hooves - they can unlock latches, and jump over our mini horses stall walls.  The next thing they do, is run for the grain bins!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for where they are!

6)   Goats can eat ALMOST anything.  While they really don't eat clothes or cans, and an be quite picky, there are a few plants that you need quarantine from their hungry little mouths...Rhododendrens, Azaleas, Sheep or Mountain Laurels are VERY poisonous and can be deadly.  We've had to pay a big vet bill when all 7 of ours got into a Mountain Laurel for 10 seconds.  All survived thankfully, but it wasn't pretty.

7) Read as much as you can about goats and go visit your local breeder and ask them questions to make sure you can make the commitment.  Don't get goats only to "Sell" them off in a year or two.  It's not fair to the goat and you never know really what the new owner will do to or with them.  After they are sold, you have NO say.

8)  My goats love shelled unsalted peanuts and will do anything for a tasty morsel.  Other goats like carrots, fruit and veges.  They also can be quite picky and will snub their noses at watermelon and cantaloupe.  

Rocky, Twin of Bullwinkle

Rocky, Twin of Bullwinkle